If life is about moments
get ready to live unforgettable ones.

The rays of a warm sunset start to enwrap the day. The beauty of nature surrounds you like an embrace. It’s as if time has stopped. Feel the fresh grass underneath your feet. Everything looks like a renaissence picture and you are the painter. At Borgo Castelrotto we keep on doing our best to let you live moments like these.

The Borgo is located at the center of the Castelnuovo Tancredi Luxury Wine Estate, which stretches for over 600 hectaresin the hillsides of Buonconvento, between Montalcino and Siena. We are situated in the renowned area of the Orcia Valley, a UNESCO recognized historical landmark. Many illustrious Italian families have left their mark on this property over the centuries: the Guglieschi, the Borghese and the Tancredi families, from whom the property has taken its name, up to the Venturini Del Greco family who have owned the property since 1897.

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The entire farm upholds the organic methods of agriculture, from the cereal and grain production to the D.O.P extravirgin olive oil, to the 8 hectares of planted vineyards. The primary objective at Castelnuovo Tancredi is to keep pace with the times, while protecting the flavor and tradition of the past in all agricultural and hospitality aspects.

Keeping the “taste of time”